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Essential D


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Essential D

Designed for easy absorption, Essential D starts with 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), a bioavailable form that matches what your body produces naturally. Don't just take a Vitamin D—absorb it with Essential D!

Help protect against Vitamin D deficiency

You may think that Vitamin D is mostly for bone health. However, recent research studies have shown a connection between lack of Vitamin D and a wide variety of serious health conditions including hypertension, osteoporosis and diabetes.1

  • Essential D is formulated with 5,000 IU (International Units) of Vitamin D
  • Convenient once-a-day formula
  • Contains Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), the same form of Vitamin D that is created by your body
  • Includes olive oil to support the fat soluble nature of Vitamin D
  • Easy-to-swallow soft gels
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Did you know?

  • The daily recommended amount of Vitamin D increases with age.
  • Many dietary sources of Vitamin D do not contain sufficient amounts of the vitamin to satisfy daily requirements1
  • In adults, Vitamin D deficiency can lead to various bone conditions and muscle weakness.
  • One Essential D™ soft gel equals 50 cups of milk2
Product Information

If you are pregnant, nursing or on medications, you may want to consult with a healthcare provider before using. Keep out of reach of children. To report a serious adverse event or obtain product information, contact 1-800-991-7116. Information provided herein is for informational purposes only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Vitamin D primarily just for bone health?

You may think that Vitamin D is mostly for bone health. However, recent research studies have shown a connection between lack of Vitamin D and a wide variety of serious health conditions including hypertension, osteoporosis and diabetes.1

1Vitamin D Deficiency and Related Disorders,

How much Vitamin D should I take daily?

The suggested use is one Essential D soft gel daily. With 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D per serving, this is the equivalent amount of Vitamin D found in 50 glasses (8 ounce servings) of milk.2



Vitamin D Deficiency and Related Disorders

Customer gives 5 out of 5 star rating for Vision Guard. I starting taking TriVita's Vision Guard for my eyes. In less than one month I got relief. I can read longer and more comfortably than before. I tried many other eye supplements and didn't get any results. I'm glad I finally found Vision Guard, it is amazing. I don't want to go without it!

Vital C Crystal Tablets is one of my very many favorite products. As soon as I feel something coming on, I zap it with the Vital C powder/tablets and I feel better quickly. I really feel that both products have helped me stay healthy during trying times! Love them both and have been using since 1999! Bless you and thank you Alfred Libby and TriVita!

Gave it to my 17 year old daughter to help manage her stress. The next morning the acne on her forehead was gone. Her skin has greatly improved since starting this supplement. I am also giving it to my father, who has and is being treated for dementia, and we have noticed a slight improvement with his memory. But most importantly, he has not had any outbursts. I myself am taking it and my focus has greatly improved. This has been a great product for me and my family.

I take NEUROSHINE at bedtime. Much improved memory, greater organization, and ability to accomplish more due to better use of my time, are what I notice after taking it. I believe protecting your brain as you age is imperative!

A miracle happened: I had a nerve issue in my hands that was advised to have surgery. After taking Joint Complex exactly the way it was recommended, my hands were so much better! Before I could hardly curl my hair, or hold a spoon! My neurosurgeon contacted me to follow up and was amazed when I told her that I can now use my hands and no longer need surgery! Very happy with TriVita's products!

My doctor had noticed that I was starting to lose my bone density and he wanted to put me on a prescription to help, but I don't like taking things like that. So I called TriVita and they recommended Bone Growth Factor. I have been taking it for a little while now and I just recently went for a bone density test.. and now the doctor says it does not look like I have lost any bone density anymore. I will continue to take Bone Growth Factor and I give it a 5 star rating "

This product (Vital C Powder) has done wonders for me! I feel so rejuvenated after taking this each day! 100% recommend this product!

Once again, the Vital C has worked miracles for me and my family. We use it all year around and during flu season, we take the Powder in the morning and the tablets in the evening. Member since 2004.

I Love, Love, Love this product. If I am having a stressful day I can take one or two capsules and it helps calm me right down and enables me to complete the many tasks at hand. It also helps me unwind at night so I can get to sleep and stay asleep. Thank you!

This is another LOVE, LOVE, LOVE product! I can't be without. It gives me the energy I need to stay focused and get the job done! Thanks again for another great product!

I love ILLUMINATION! As a diligent study of herbal ingredients and a health practitioner, I find the herbs in ILLUMINATION to be superb. Camu-Camu is one of thee best sources of Vitamin C. Add to that Cat's have a wonderful duo to protect you and keep you well. I find the Yerba Mate gives me a lot of energy and mental clarity. I use several capsules, with meals during the day.

I love using HCY GUARD. I generally dissolve 3 tablets a day. It gives me energy during the day. I know the importance of keeping HOMOCYSTEINE levels I make sure I have HCY GUARD every month. I order 3 boxes.

In the world of baseball, VitaCal Mag D is a utility man. Translation: "all around usefulnes". I swear by this product because it saved my life. I've just reordered.

Bone Growth Factor, vital for my calcium levels and with bone density test improves my levels every time! Member since 2003.

I have been using this for over 7 years and truly love it. I Have seen improvement with my eyes.

The VisionGuard has really helped me, I am currently dealing with Macula concerns and since taking VisionGuard my doctor sayos he has really noticed improvement. I give VisionGuard a 6 star rating.

I was having problems sleeping at night, then I started using Balanced Woman. Since using the product I have really noticed how rested I feel whoen I wake up. It has really made a world of difference for me. I give Balanced Woman a 5 Star rating.

The Nerve Formula was the only thing I found that helped with my Sciatic Nerve. I owned my own business and was on my feet all day and the Nerve Formula helped so much. I liked that there were no side effects with Nerve Formula, and it was able to just provide me with the relief I needed. I have told my friends about Nerve Formula and it has also helped them too. I give it a 10 star rating.(on a scale of 1-5).

The NeuroShine is excellent. I notice the added mental sharpness and the improved mood when I take NeuroShine. I give this product a 7 star rating on a scale of 1-5."

Vital C Crystal Tablets is one of my very many favorite products. As soon as I feel something coming on, I zap it with the Vital C powder/tablets and I feel better quickly. Love them both and have been using since 1999! Bless you and thank you Alfred Libby and TriVita!

This product is making my brain sharper - I can tell when I miss taking it cause it also improves my mood! Love this product and it's on my Autoship so I don't ever run out!

I love TriVita's Vitamin C! I use both every single day! Making sure I ingest 10 grams, like Linus Pauling taught. I was having trouble with my gums and found since taking TriVita's Vitamin C, my gums are healthier. I brush my teeth with the crystals. Making sure I do not put my toothbrush into the container...I simply put some crystals in my palm and then dip my brush in the C Crystals. I also use the Crystals in my Water pik for gum and tooth health! My dentist is amazed at how healthy my gums have become!

Vital C Crystal Powder, one of my many favorite products. As soon as I feel something coming I zap it with the Vital C powder and the tablets also. Love them both and have been using since 1999! Bless you and thank you Alfred Libby and Trivita!

I really like the Energy Now. When I do shift work, it gives me the energy to get through the night in a clean refreshing way. I give Energy Now a 5 star rating.

The HCY Guard has really help me to lower my homocysteine levels and I can really notice an improved mood when I use it. I give HCY guard a 5 star rating.

These are great quality Omegas. Accept no subsitutes!

Product was for my mom, she was then 97 years old coming off of a stroke when she started taking NeuroShine. She was not only calmer throughout her day where she was able to organize her thoughts better. Now she's 99 years & doing really well, we're so happy - no comparison to before.

I started taking Omega3 Prime in 2006. I have taken regularly since then and have not been sick once. I feel sharp and focused and can remember things from 50 years ago. I notice that I am mentally quicker than my friends as well.

I had been having bone density issues so I started using Bone Growth Factor. I had for a recent analysis and even my doctor was so surprised from the results and wanted to know more about this Bone Growth Factor.

I am 80 years old and my eye sight was getting worse. I started taking Vision Guard. After a few months I saw my Dr. and he was impressed with my improved eye health. I can see better at night.

In this time that we're living in right now- these products can help with immunity building. I've been taking the Vital-C Pack for eight years & haven't caught a cold in all that time & now my wife's on the team & she's so happy, no cold in 4 years and she works at the clinic! I also had a threatening steady cough for 10 years and with taking Vital-C Pack it began to reduce it (with the help of the B12) continued to improve and now, it's almost a rare occurrence. TriVita member since 2002.

Una de Gato is known as the "Opener of the Way" and can not only be a wonderful healing herb and immune booster, it's anti fungal (as are 80% of rainforest herbs) and one of the most powerfully spiritual plants of the rainforest. It is good to eat her daily!

I've been using this product since mid 2000 and have had amazing results. Definitely want to have this on hand during the COVID-19 period. Blessings.

I'm really feeling my bones are stronger while using the Bone Growth Factor. I am able to stand up easier and I can notice that I feel stronger. I have been taking Bone Growth Factor for about 7 months and will continue to take it. I give Bone Growth Factor a 3 star rating right now because I want to see how I feel after a year.

I have been drinking Amazon Herb Rainforest Treasure Tea for 20 years and highly recommend this be added to your daily supplementation. This is a great way to get the wildcrafted herbs of the rainforest into your system ... a smooth earthy taste I've come to love. I used to give talks on the amazing properties of these herbs.

I had osteopena and was on my way to having osteoporosis. I started taking Bone Growth Factor and when I went for my next bone density scan it was reversed. I have continued taking Bone Growth Factor and have great scans. I am very pleased with this product.

I have been taking Vision Guard for about a year, I noticed I was having a hard time seeing so I went to the eye doctor. He told me that my eyes had improved so much that I no longer needed that prescription. Also I was having issues with my iron levels.. since taking Alfred Libby's B12 I have not had any blood test come back with low iron levels again. I give B12 and Vision Guard a 5 star rating.

"The Vision Guard is great, I can really notice the difference with my night driving . I recently went to the eye doctor and even she can tell I have been taking eye vitamins. I give Vision Guard a 5 star rating"

I suffered from frozen shoulder. This product was the only one to help and give me back my range of motion. I highly recommend it!

I was having trouble sleeping and had tried many herbal sleep aids on the market but found them ineffective and nightmare inducing. I decided to try TriVita's Serenity a herbal bouquet of calming botanicals and adaptogen herbs. Within a half hour of taking Serenity I feel more calm and relaxed. Able to fall into a deep sleep and nightmare free. I report wakening up feeling refreshed and energized. I would rate this product from 1-5 a 5. A member since 2002.

5***** Star Rating! - Husband takes it and it has greatly improved his memory.

I am 99 years old. I recently started using MyoHealth and was amazed at the energy it is able to provide for me. Within 6 weeks I could really tell a difference. I give MyoHealth a 10 star rating. And for the past 9 years I have been dealing with nerve pain in my legs along with heat. It would get so bad sometimes that the legs would get so hot. I have been using Nerve Formula for 3 months now... almost all the discomfort is gone and I no longer have the feeling of heat in my legs. I give Nerve Formula a 4 star rating.

I have been having numbness in my legs and have been using Nerve Formula for 3 months and I have noticed such an improvement. Almost all the numbness is gone. I give Nerve Formula a 5 star rating.

Julie has been consistently using Vision Guard since 2010. She started using the product because she could tell her vision was starting to diminish. Since she has been using Vision Guard she has noticed her vision is clearly and her night vision has also improved. Julie gives Vision Guard a 5 star rating.

I was at a doctor appointment about 10 years ago, where my doctor was telling me that I was on the verge of Osteoporosis. I saw an ad for Bone Growth Factor. I have been taking it regularly, and can't believe the difference. I am now 79 years old, I have never broken a bone and my doctor says my bones are so strong now. I am so happy with Bone growth Factor, and give it a 5 star rating.

Ed started using the Vision Guard about 6 months ago. He suffers from Macular Degeneration and his right eye is very foggy. Since using the product, he has noticed a big improvement. Ed gives Vision Guard a 4 star rating.

The product is very clean and easy to ingest and take without any additional side affects such as perhaps a feeling of fullness or different feeling or sensation in the stomach. It is easily absorbed and after my first bottle I do feel it helps with digestion. I recommend this product.

I currently take the Cholestria. With the help of exercise and a balanced diet, I lowered my cholesterol level by 80 points. The Cholestria has helped lower my husband's cholesterol too. I give Cholestria 5 out of 5 stars.

I could not say enough good things about the My Flora Daily. I was going through very bad bowel issues. I had only been using My Flora Daily for 2 months and I can't believe the difference. My Flora Daily is a product that I just cant be without. I give My Flora a 5 Star rating.

I suffered with cramping in my feet since I was a teenager. I tried VitaCal-MagD K2 back in 2017, and since that time the cramping has not returned. And even my sleeping has improved. I give a 5 star rating on this product.

Been using Co-Q10 and it has just really helped me... my heart doesn't skip as much using it! I've tried other Co-Q10 products elsewhere & doesn't work as well as TriVita; rating 5/5 Stars! [Mattie Y, member since 2009]

Because I take medicine for other problems, FIBERZON capsules has been my savior ....... using it since 2010. One a day.

My husband was on these for a couple years bloodwork always great.

My husband has been on TriVita's Prostate Formula for years. He just turned 75. His PSA was tested last week, and it was .7 (point 7)!! His doctor is very pleased!! Thank you TriVita for this amazing formula. With your help, maybe I'll keep him around for another 75 years. :)

These are great quality Omegas. Accept no subsitutes!

My doctor is amazed at how my bad cholesterol levels are coming down. Its gradual but its happening. Nothing is a one size fits all, but I would highly recommend this product.

Great product with herbal supplements from the Amazon Rainforest


I went to India for a 3 week Yoga retreat in India - I sipped on the Vital C Powder in Water on the long flight. It was flu season. I spent 3 weeks in India and almost all the other people in the retreat got sick. I did not. I kept sipping on my Vital C Powder in water throughout the trip and on the flight home. I feel great. I've never had a better and healthier winter since taking the Vital C Powder. I am 75 years old.

I love how this helps me relax after a stressful work day. I find that it allows me to rest peacefully at night. Sometimes, I go to the gym after work, which energizes me too much and this helps me get back to a peaceful state so I can fall asleep quickly. Also, I find the grape taste delicious. It\'s the perfect evening drink!

I had a cough that I was not able to get rid of. I started on the Vital C Powder and Tablets and it cleared up my stubborn cough.

Amazing product . . . The cartilage in my knees has improved.

Best product out there for memory!!!!

Bone Growth Factor - "I fell in my kitchen and landed hard on my hip. My first thought was I broke my hip. When I got checked out, the doctor was amazed I hadn't sheered off my bone but there was no crack, or fracture or break. I attribute this to Bone Growth Factor and the good Lord for protecting me. Update 1/2021: I had a bad fall at age 68 right onto my left hip. The Dr. thought that I might need a hip replacement but thanks to Bo9ne Growth Factor and the support it gave my bones, there is no need for a replacement. Everyone needs Bone growth Factor to strengthen their bones.

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