Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Dr. Mehmet Oz was on Fox News' Hannity show last night to discuss President Trump's "course of treatment" for COVID-19. I was surprised to hear that as part of his treatment includes vitamin D.

Dr. Oz, stated that "vitamin D is actually a hormone, it influences immune response...also again, high levels of vitamin D associated in some studies with better outcomes from COVID-19... something you can get from the sun or take a supplement, if you wish."  

Sean Hannity has a video of the interview with Dr. Oz on his Facebook page. You can watch it here:

I've written a lot of blog posts regarding vitamin D, which included a lot of research. I was looking for important information that I could share with my blog visitors. Until that time, I never knew the importance of vitamin D, and the affects it can have on your body if you're deficient.

TriVita has taken a lot of the same information I found and placed it in a well written and easy to read article. You can find that on the vitamin D product page of my wellness store.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay